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方利平,博士,材料与化学学院副教授.2005年、2007年在浙江大学环境与资源学院分别获得学士和硕士学位,2011年在丹麦哥本哈根大学理学院环境物理与化学系获得环境化学博士学位,同年在哥本哈根大学进行博士后研究工作,并参于中-丹教育研究中心(Sino-Danish Center)合作项目,在中国科学院进行项目合作。主要研究方向为基于环境功能材料的水污染控制、土壤污染修复技术和原理,以及纳米颗粒与污染物复合污染体系微界面过程和环境行为等。涉及的研究领域如水污染深度处理技术和原理(例如高级氧化技术),  高效环境纳米吸附剂、催化剂材料的研制和应用,人工和天然纳米颗粒物及其复合污染物的环境行为过程。


Assoc. professor Liping Fang, Dr. Fang obtained his Master and Phd degree from Zhejiang Univ. and Copenhagen Univ., in 2007 and 2011, respectively. He continued to pursue his research career in Copenhagen Univ. and Sino-Danish Research Center as a postdoc after the completion of hisPhd study.  Since Dec., 2013, Dr. Fang was employed as Assoc. prof. in faculty of Material Sciences and Chemistry, China Univ. of Geosciences(CUG).  

His research interests focus on (i) developing high efficient, cost-effective adsorbent and catalyst materials (inc.Advanced oxidation process technology) for water treatment andsoil remediation; (ii)environmental fate of engineering and natural nanoparticles and their impact on the fate of pollutants in various environmental media, as well as risk assessment to groundwater and other water bodies.



§  EDUCATION (教育经历)

2008.2- 2011. 5: Environmental Chemistry, Dept of Basic Sciences and Environment, Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark. PhD (丹麦哥本哈根大学理学院,环境物理与化学系,环境化学博士)

2005.9-2007.7: College of Natural Resource and Environmental Science, Zhejiang University,China. MSc (浙江大学环境与资源学院, 硕士)

2001.9-2005.7 Dept of Environmental & Resource Sciences, College of Natural Resource and Environmental Science., Zhejiang University, China. B.S. (浙江大学环境与资源学院,本科)


2013.12-present, China Univ. of Geosciences, Faculty of Material Sciences and Chemistry, Assoc. prof. (中国地质大学材化学院,副教授)

2012.12 – 2013.11, collaboration at research center for eco-environmental sciences, CAS. (中国科学院生态环境研究中心合作研究)

2011.5 – 2013.11, postdoc at Section of Environ. Chem. & Physics, depart. of Basic Sciences and Environment, Univ. of Copenhagen. Denmark; Sino-Danish education and research center.(丹麦哥本哈根大学物理与化学系;中丹教育和研究中心。博士后)

§  主持/参与项目

l  Fabrication of magnetic graphene supported layered iron oxides as efficient reductants for HOCs removal. National natural science foundation of China. (No.21407131), 260, 000rmb.Principal investigator. (国家自然青年基金(21407131):磁性石墨烯-层状铁氧化物复合材料构建及对卤代有机物还原降解的性能研究26万,主持。

l  联合新型纳米技术对我国江汉平原和伊朗伊斯法罕地区土壤石油污染的微生物修复适应性研究. 校级国际合作项目。2015-2016. 5

l  Environmental fate of halogenated organic compounds (HOC)in natural water bodies and their control technology. Central Special research fund for distinguished talent, Ministry of education, China, 15, 000rmb, Principal investigator.水体中卤代有机物的环境行为及其控制。中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金(杰出人才培育基金). 15万,项目主持。

l  Fabrication of magnetic graphene supported layered iron oxides as efficient reductants for HOCs removal. National natural science foundation of China. (No.21407131), 260, 000rmb.Principal investigator. (国家自然青年基金(21407131):磁性石墨烯-层状铁氧化物复合材料构建及对卤代有机物还原降解的性能研究26万,主持。

l  Synthesis iron bearing layered nanosheets and application in water treatment. China Postdoc science foundation Grant (No.2013M530749)(中国博士后面上资助项目(53批;2013M530749): 低成本纳米材料的合成及其去除饮用水中污染物的应用; 主持.

l  Studies on the reaction mechanism of bioturbation-driven release of buried Thallium from riverine sediments. National natural science foundation of China.41201498. Key participant.(国家自然青年基金(41201498):生物扰动对河流沉积物中铊的二次释放作用机理研究;参与.)

l  New multifunctional micro-pollution organic coagulants and their enhanced flocculation principle. National Natural Science Foundation of China Focus Fund(51338010), 3 mill. rmb. Key participant (rank 5). (国家自然基金重点项目(51338010):新型多功能混凝剂及其微污染有机物强化絮凝原理;项目骨干)

l  Inorganic contaminants in sediments and corrosion preventing in pipe network, source of distributionand study on release mechanism. National natural science foundation of China (51378493), key participant. (国家自然基金面上项目(51378493):无机污染物在管网沉积物和腐蚀管垢中的分布、源解析及其释放机制研究;项目骨干)

l  Water pollution control and treatment of major science and technology project "water security in theNorth of Beijing and Tianjin from water technology research and demonstration.Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Key participant. 2012.1-2015.1. (水体污染控制与治理科技重大专项课题“南水北调京津受水区供水安全保障技术研究与示范(2012ZX07404-002)”2012.1-2015.1, 项目骨干)

l  2011.12-2013.11: Application of filter technology for cleaning wastewater in the landscape. (Project leader) : SDC founded project in corporation with RCEES-CAS, China.

l  2008.2-2011.2: Interaction of Black carbon (BC) and organotins in the environment, and the effect of nano-BC to the toxicity of organotins to aquatic organisms. (Project leader).

§  代表著作

Selected Peer-reviewed publications (* corresponding author)

1.      Feng Xiao, Wentao Li, Liping Fang*, Dongsheng Wang. Synthesis of Akageneite (beta-FeOOH) on Reduced Grahene Oxide for Oxidative Decomposition of 2-chlorophenol by Fenton-like Reaction. Under review.

2.      L.P. Fang*, L. Huang, P.E. Holm, X. Yang, H.C.B. Hansen, D. Wang, Facile upscaled synthesis of layered iron oxide nanosheets and their application in phosphate removal, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3 (2015), 7505-7512

3.      L.P. Fang*, W. Li, H. Chen, F. Xiao*, L. Huang, P.E. Holm, H.C.B. Hansen, D. Wang, Synergistic effect of humic and fulvic acids on Ni removal by the calcined Mg/Al layered double hydroxide, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 18866-18874.

4.      F. Xiao*, L.P. Fang, W. Li, D. Wang, One-step synthesis of aluminum magnesium oxide nanocomposites for simultaneous removal of arsenic and lead ions in water, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 8190-8193.

5.      Lizhi Huang*, Liping Fang, Tue Hassenkam, Kim N. Dalby, and Hans Christian B. Hansen. A one-step delamination procedure to form single sheet iron(III)-(oxy)hydroxide. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1 (2013) 13664-13671.

6.      Baoyou Shi*, Liping Fang, Zhengjian Li, Dongsheng Wang. Adsorption Behavior of DOM by PACs with Different Particle Sizes. Clean-soil, air and water, 2014..

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Editor board ofAmerican Journal of Environmental Sciences

Reviewer for Journal of Hazardous Materials, ES&T.